Embracing Change

ImageEmbrace change. This lovely little coaster sits next to me nightly as a reminder for me to do just that. It has been exactly three months since I uprooted my life in Atlanta and  moved back to the wonderful state that I have always called home, Kentucky. I moved to Louisville, a city I haven’t ever lived, so it’s a little taste of the familiar mixed with a lot of new. Why the change you may ask? I know I don’t get very personal on here, but it had to do with a boy who broke my heart. I simply felt I had to literally get away, and that being closer to home would help. So, three months in… and I’m unsure. Unsure about a number of things, and that’s a feeling I hate. I also hate feeling uprooted and like a nomad- both of which I currently feel. I miss my Atlanta friends and the lifestyle I had there a great deal. I also miss my stuff, which for the most part is in storage, and why I feel nomad-ish. However, I have to give much thanks for a wonderful friend that was here in Louisville and willing to take me in and let me share her lovely, fully furnished home. There are positives here, and they are the change I am now trying to embrace. I know that change is up to me ultimately, the change to move was mine and I wouldn’t take it back if I could. The change here is what I need to find to not be unsure, but I just don’t know where to look.


My Old Kentucky Home…


Over the weekend was my favorite Saturday of the year- the Kentucky Derby. There’s nothing better than a reason to drink Mint Juleps, put together an over-the-top hat that goes with your outfit just for the day, and place a lot of $2 bets that you’ll most likely never see again. It’s a special thing seeing the rest of the country celebrate your home state in just that special way once a year. Like five of the running horses on Saturday, I was born and bred in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and this great showing of my home I decided called for a party. This was my fifth Derby watching from Atlanta, and instead of sitting back and letting the feelings of home wash over me, I brought a little bit of Kentucky here. My wonderful friends indulged with me, dressing the part and even participating in the essential “best hat” contest. Determined to give them an authentic taste of Kentucky, I happily turned to Pinterest. There was beer cheese, hot browns and Bourbon a plenty. I even took on burgoo. My mother told me not too- that’s too difficult!- but I wasn’t going to give my guest anything short of Kentucky’s best. The burgoo (which by the point of the party my mom had me terrified to serve) turned out to be the biggest hit! I couldn’t help but be rather proud of myself when everyone was going back for seconds and asking me to give them the recipe. That, on another note, was my own creation (I couldn’t find a recipe that was close enough to the burgoo I remember growing up with at the track) so, I am planning to make that my very own pin! More on that to come, but for the rest of the wonderful recipes I used to make Atlanta feel like a genuine Kentucky Derby experience, visit my board Derby Party (and enjoy the next time you need a little taste of Kentucky wherever you may be!)