Pesto anyone?

pesto!Inspired by a blog from Parsley, Sage & Sweet, I took on making my very own pesto this evening. Lisa’s heartfelt story was a little sad, and after a gloomy day for no particular reason, I felt compelled to make some pesto and pasta. I didn’t follow Lisa’s recipe very closely- I’m just past what I’d call a beginner’s level of cooking, and I don’t have a food processor- but still, I was inspired. I looked up a couple of other pesto recipes via epicurious (love that app), and also studied a couple of pesto labels while in the grocery store. Pretty basic ingredients over all; I found basil, evoo (extra virgin olive oil), some kind of nut (ranging from pine nut to walnut), garlic and parmigiano reggiano (or parmesan cheese), in every one. Though I may be food processor- less, I have a hand held food chopper, and I’d consider myself a mean mincer. Ok, maybe not so much mean as meticulous, but either how, I can chop things pretty finely. Anyhow, those details aside, I bought myself some fresh basil and a lemon and headed home. After turning on my Pandora’s Jason Aldean station and chilling a bottle of Pinot Grigio, I began to combine everything mentioned before (I used cashews as my chosen nut because not only are they my favorite, but I already had some in the pantry), and I went with one of Lisa’s details and added some lemon zest, plus I squeezed about half the lemon into the pesto. I didn’t measure so I don’t have details, but I used a lot of parmesan, a decent bit of cashews and basil, two garlic cloves plus a good helping of salt, and I think it turned out rather well! (When all was said and done, I have an average soup bowl’s amount of pesto made.) I know this isn’t exactly an ideal recipe to follow, but I hope you’ll be inspired, as I was, because all in all it was a lovely and therapeutic process. Plus, a great dinner.