Go Cards..!?

Hello, after what has been an exciting weekend for this southern girl! The men’s NCAA basketball tournament just wrapped up (you’ll learn I’m a huge college basketball and football fan) and the American Country Music Awards were last night. All of this commotion was more than enough to distract me from my schoolwork. As for my basketball allegiance, my heart will always belong to my alma mater the University of Kentucky and the Wildcats. However, seeing that our year was less than successful (especially for being the reigning National Champions up until tonight’s game), I am actually very happy for the Louisville Cardinals and their victory! They are an incredibly deserving group of young men and, their win for my bracket entitled, “Keepin It in the State”, got me ninety bucks! Ok, well that’s enough about what held my interest this weekend, I really do have schoolwork to get to. Here’s looking to a good week, I’ll be checking in!