My final (take home) assignment for printmaking was to make an impression on the world. Hmm… That’s not vague at all. But really, I understood the assignment: don’t be literal about it, and honestly, do what you want- everything we do is leaving an impression on our surroundings, people, our world. So the question became, what medium or in what way did I want to relay my work and idea? I wanted to continue with what I’d been doing in studio- layering things, using water color, keeping true to my aesthetic: a soft pallet and organic feel to the work. That is me. Now what about the impression I’ve made on the world? This, to me, could best be relayed through the words of others. I’m just me, it’s what I do every day. But I don’t know what I’m really projecting onto the world, so I asked. Via Facebook, I sent out a mass message (I did select through my friends, I will admit, there were some I thought it best not to include in the experiment- and I was also compelled to later weed through my “friends”, anyhow-) I did want a variety of opinions, so I included a large variety of people. Again, I admit, it was kind of scary putting out there, “what kind of impression have I left with you?” and simply wait for the responses to come in. I knew not everyone would, I’ll be the first to say I hate large Facebook group messages and I always ignore them, but it was actually a little hurtful to see “so and so left the conversation”; however, the responses I did receive, definitely made it worth the while. I had no idea what to expect, and who to expect anything from. I ended up with a little over a dozen responses out of about 90 in the “group conversation”. Most of which made me cry- I’m such a sap- but I had no idea of the genuine emotion I’d get with the feedback, or that I’d even evoked such by knowing these individuals. From their emails, I copied and pasted the replies in a number of ways, and collaged them together creating one piece made cohesive through watercolor. I feel very good about the work, and it was really rather therapeutic in some ways- by letting go of control, having people tell me quite honestly how they feel from knowing me, and then creating something from their words. It was an experiment, and a risk, and one that I’m glad I took.