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Being Inspired

Hello world. I apologize for the long absence, as soon as my Spring semester ended, my first Summer course began, as did the butt- kicking. On top of the usual full work and school schedule, I’ve had an unexpected move sprung on me. To say things are a little crazy is an understatement, however, I am finding much needed peace and focus currently back in the art studio. For this (the second portion of my Summer courses) I’m required to be on campus for two weeks of intense studio work- it is amazing, and long over due. I haven’t really been in the studio for over five years now, and I know this is what I need to be doing. This first week I’m in sketch-booking, and it has been a great re-intro to looking at the world as an artist and practicing that fact. Truly, wonderful.
On another, yet still art related note, I have been holding on to share this project with y’all- One Million Bones. I was blown away with the profound ability in which this group, The Art of Revolution, executed a project that addressed humanitarianism with so much love and compassion. I shed tears with the stories from mothers, fathers, even the children. The project exists to bring awareness to crimes against humanity, around the world. I felt bad and upset with myself for my own ignorance on many of the situations from countries included in the project. Everyone should hear the stories of the countries and people from Burma to Sudan, because we are all human. It is as simple as that, and no one deserves to be treated as though they are anything but another human being.


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